Weston on the Green North
Weston on the green north little chef
Name Weston on the Green North
Number 680
Year Opened 1996/97
Year Closed 2017
Road A34
Location Weston on the Green, Bicester
County Oxfordshire
Postcode OX25 3QQ
The Weston on the Green North branch is a former Little Chef restaurant located on the northbound side of the A34 near Bicester, Oxfordshire. 

The site was first built between 1988 and 1992 by Forte and sported a Happy Eater restaurant and filling station. With a Little Chef already operating at Weston on the Green South and the A34 being well populated with Little Chefs at the time, it made sense for Forte to increase the representation of their other brand. The Happy Eater opened in a large building with a high roofline, square base and large windows (a typical Happy Eater house design). 

By the mid 90s, Forte, who acquired Happy Eater in 1986, decided that it was going to phase out the Happy Eater brand and replace it with the more profitable Little Chef brand which they also owned. Weston on the Green North was one of the sites to recieve the treatment and transformed from Happy Eater to Little Chef in 1996/97. This gave the southbound Little Chef a sister site and they both ventured on together. At some point, Granada built a Burger King alongside the Little Chef, but this later closed. 

In 2011, Weston on the Green North was one of the 10 sites to recieve the "Wonderfully British" refurbishment. Wonderfully British was the follow-on, slightly tweaked version of the "Hestonised" site with slightly different interior finishes, new branding (Charlie lost his tray and instead had his arms open to welcome visitors) and Little Chef's new "grab and go" take-away option known as Good to Go.

In 2012, RCapital announced that 67 unsuccessful Little Chef restaurants would be closed down and the southbound Little Chef site was one of them. The Little Chef closed on 26th September 2012, leaving the northbound Little Chef to venture on alone for a further five years. 

In July 2017, Weston on the Green North was one of a number of sites to close following the takeover by Euro Garages. It is now operating as a Starbucks. 

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