Wavendon Gate
Name Wavendon Gate
Number 494
Year Opened 1995/96
Year Closed 2004/05
Road A421/A5130
Location Milton Keynes
County Buckinghamshire
Postcode MK17 8DB

The Wavendon Gate branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A421 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. 

The Little Chef at Wavendon Gate was one of the more urban Little Chef sites. It was built at a mall site positioned just off the Kingston Roundabout which is next to the large town of Milton Keynes. 

Opening in 1995/96, the Little Chef at Wavendon Gate was built at a small service station positioned next to the busy Kingston Roundabout serving the A421 and A5130 roads. Roundabout sites were usually great places for Little Chefs as they provided easy access to all routes and sites were usually highly visible too. In this case, the Little Chef managed two roads at once and also a big population source in the form of Milton Keynes which was positioned just next door. Like many Little Chefs, Wavendon Gate received a Burger King outlet, giving diners an extra option. The Little Chef was also built alongside a filling station which presented a great oppurtunity for Little Chef to attract additional custom from the facility.

The Little Chef was built inside of the Little Chef house design of the late 80s to mid 90s with the double front and pitched roof. There was a difference in terms of the bricks as most Little Chef buildings had red bricks, yet here the building had lightly toned bricks.

It is unknown exactly why the Little Chef at Wavendon Gate closed but it seems most likely that the Little Chef closed in 2004/05 when Permira of Canada decided to close 131 Little Chef sites that were underperforming. These were mainly quieter sites that were not accomponied by a lodge. Both the Little Chef and Burger King closed, leaving an unoccupied building.

Since then, the building has operated as Grafton Motorcycles, a motorbike dealership that works with Honda.

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