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The Olympic Breakfast was a breakfast and one of the signature dishes at Little Chef.

The Olympic Breakfast was added to the Little Chef menu in 1994; the same year when the Winter Olympic Games took place in Lillehammer, Norway. The name has a double meaning - as well as refering to the that year's Olympics, 'Olympic' also refered to the large size of the breakfast.

The Olympic Breakfast became a Little Chef favourite from the start and was eventually one of their signature dishes. The breakfast was often bought by those who are travelling long distances as it provided a high source of energy for long journeys. In 2009, Heston Blumenthal made improvements to the breakfast as part of his documentary "Big Chef Takes on Little Chef".

When the London Summer Olympics took place in 2012, there were suggestions to rename the Olympic Breakfast whilst the games were on due to strict rules on using of the term "Olympics" during the games. Thankfully, the London Olympic Commitee made an exception for the Olympic Breakfast due to its name existing long prior to 2012, so Little Chef happily served the breakfast throughout the 2012 Olympics. After all, it was only appropriate considering it was called the Olympic Breakfast!

The Olympic Breakfast cost around £7.99 c.2015.


The Olympic Breakfast was, in the chain's later years, Little Chef's largest breakfast. It included:

  • Two rashers of back bacon.
  • A British sausage.
  • Two griddle fried eggs. 
  • Mushrooms
  • Sautéed potatoes
  • A griddled tomato
  • Baked beans. 

There was also the choice of fried bread or toast on request.