Severn View
Severn View
Name Severn View
Number 554
Year Opened 2000/01
Year Closed 2008
Road M48
Location Aust, Bristol
County Gloucestershire
Postcode BS35 4BH
The Severn View branch was a former Little Chef restaurant at the Severn View Services just off the M48 motorway near Aust, Gloucestershire. 

The site was first opened in 1966 by Top Rank Services as a large motorway service area which looked out over the River Severn and the newly constructed Severn Bridge. At this time it was known as Aust Services. The restaurant gave some fantastic views of the bridge facing towards Wales and the nearby town of Chepstow. The services had something of a celebrity in terms of the restaurant as it was claimed to have seated 1000 people, making it one of the largest in a UK service area in the UK. In terms of facilities, the restaurant was accompanied by an ice cream parlour, toilets and a shop known as LA Leathers as well as a Truckers Cafe, located beside the lorry car park, and filling station. Over the years the facilities changed to follow the more conventional motorway services line-up of main restaurant, express restaurant, shop, amusements, toilets, filling station and a lodge was also added.

The site changed hands in 1992 when Top Rank were bought out by management to become Pavilion who were subsequently taken over by Granada in 1996. The site then became known as Severn View. In this year the new Severn Bridge opened taking the M4 with it and the old bridge and connecting motorway which Severn View sat upon became the M48. With traffic levels passing Severn View predicted to drop significantly, Granada were all set to close the site. However, it turned out that people were still happy to make a small detour for the services and the view and trade continued to be steady. However, Granada, spotting an opportunity, decided to downsize the services selling off the original services building to a media firm. In 2000/ 2001 the old truckers cafe then became the main services building, containing Burger King, shop and Little Chef as the main restaurant. At this time Granada Services and Little Chef were both owned by Compass Catering.

In 2008, the Little Chef ceased trading at Severn View. By this time Granada had become Moto and it and Little Chef had different owners with Moto opting to have the Little Chef as a franchise. However, Moto decided that they would rather do a deal with Costa, moving Little Chef out and Costa in. The Burger King, WH Smith shop, Travelodge and filling station all consider to trade.

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