Name Saughall
Number 383
Year Opened 1988/89
Year Closed 2012
Road A494
Location Saughall
County Cheshire
Postcode CH1 6JS

The Saughall branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A494/M56/A5117 and A540 near Saughall, Cheshire.

Opened in 1988/89, Saughall Little Chef was built alongside a BP filling station and was housed inside of a building with the pitched roof, double front design, a design introduced by Forte in 1987 and was used on many Little Chef restaurants which opened between then and 1990/91. 

When it had opened, Saughall was in for a treat. For starters, it was built at a large roundabout site at a junction just off a busy dual carriageway, therefore this was good news for the Little Chef as this meant that it could be easily accessed and spotted by all traffic, hence why Saughall was such a successful site back in its day. And to make things better, owners after Forte, Granada, had built an extension to the Little Chef in order to house a Burger King restaurant a little later in the 1990s. This meant that there was always that chance of attracting the extra custom to the site. It was a real crowd puller!

However from the mid 2000s onwards, it no longer became that great crowd puller it used to be. For starters, it lost its Burger King in the mid 2000s to make way for a Coffee Tempo! outlet. Also, the section of the A494 it served has was upgraded and the split level junction was replaced with a roundabout. This meant that the traffic, that used to pass it, was diverted away from the Little Chef, meaning that road users could no longer see the Little Chef compared to before, thus having an impact on trade. As a result, it was decided in 2012 by the owners, RCapital, to close 67 Little Chefs which were deemed to be underperforming and Saughall was sadly on the list. It closed in September 2012 and has since become a Starbucks. A Subway & Greggs was added alongside the Starbucks by 2020.
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