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The Orsett branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the northbound side of the A13 near Orsett, Essex

Address and Onsite Information[]

ADDRESS: A13 Northbound, Orsett, Thurrock, Essex, RM16 3AY



Opened in 1995/96, Little Chef Orsett was located beside a busy filling station on the eastbound side of the A13. There was a matching filling station on the westbound side too but it is unclear if there had been plans for sister site there too. Today it has a McDonalds.

Little Chef restaurants which opened in this era were known to have been housed inside of buildings with the common pitched roof, double front design. However, eagle eyed spotters will realise that although the restaurant here sports this design, it is in fact very different to most other sites of the era with its higher roofline and larger size. This evidently suggests that the site may have originally been planned as a Happy Eater. However, with a majority of Happy Eaters in this era being converted into Little Chefs, this would've been fairly unlikely (but still possible!)

The site traded until 2004/05 when Little Chef's then owners, Permira, decided to sell the chain and, in the process, culled 131 Little Chefs including Orsett. Today it lives on as the base for Sigma Studies and TAC Ltd