Newby little chef
Name Newby
Number 122
Year Opened 1972-76
Year Closed 2012
Road A65
Location Newby, Lancashire
County Lancashire
Postcode LA2 8HS
Newby was a former Little Chef on the A65 near Clapham, Lancashire. 

Originally opened between 1972 and 1976 it served one of the main routes between North Yorkshire and the M6, located at the foot of the Yorkshire Dales. 

However, it had to be rebuilt in the 1980s after a really bad storm damaged the restaurant beyond repair. The rebuilt restaurant looks to have been built in local stone and is similar in style to Skipton just down the road at the A59/ A65 junction. 

Unlike some branches, Newby was deemed to offer sufficient facilities to be classed as services and so was afforded some advanced signage in both directions on the A65.

Sadly, in January 2012, then owners R Capital announced a cull of 67 branches which were deemed to be underperforming and Newby was one of them. The restaurant closed with immediate effect.

However, in the background, the former restaurant manager was hatching a plan to re-open the restaurant as an independent, an ambition that was realised in late 2012. Sadly, the venture was shortlived and now the restaurant is vacant again.