New Fox South
Ok diners ltd colsterworth 90
Name New Fox South
Year Opened 1988/89
Year Closed 2002/3
Road A1
Location South Witham, Grantham
County Lincolnshire
Postcode NG33 5LN

The New Fox South branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the southbound side of the A1 near South Witham, Lincolnshire.

Following the success of New Fox North, Forte decided to give the Little Chef a partner branch by building another New Fox Little Chef, this time on the southbound side of the A1. The Little Chef opened in 1988/89 at a small truck stop positioned slightly north of the New Fox North site and was housed inside of a building with the pitched roof, double front and red bricks (a typical Little Chef house design of the era). The Little Chef was accompanied by an inn known as the Fox Inn so it wasn't alone! Where New Fox North had the bonus of a filling station and lodge, New Fox South did not recieve these facilities and just had the two eateries.

Sadly in 2002/3, the New Fox South branch ceased trading, probably due to its proximity to Little Chef's more major site at Colsterworth, which southbound travellers reached first. Northbound continued to soldier on alone. However, this was not the end for the site as the Little Chef reopened as an OK Diner branch. The OK Diner is a chain of American styled diners operating in the northern parts of England and the Midlands - including one diner in Wales which was a former Little Chef (Northop Hall West - just one quarter of a mile away from the former eastbound restaurant which closed in April 2017). 

The OK Diner is still operating today and there is even more sad news that the Little Chef on the northbound is now closed, and is set to be re-opened as a Starbucks Coffee Shop in September 2017. 

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