Kentford LC
Name Kentford
Number 085
Year Opened 197?
Year Closed 1975
Road A45 (now B1506)
Location Kentford, Newmarket
County Suffolk
Postcode CB8 7PZ
The Kentford branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A45 (now B1506) near Kentford, Suffolk

Address and Onsite InformationEdit

ADDRESS: Bury Road, Kentford, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7PZ

ONSITE FACILITIES: Gulf, David Jarvis Cars


Opened in the 1970s, Kentford was built on the busy Cambridge to Ipswich section of the A45 next to a filling station. Throughout this era, Forte were keen to expand the Little Chef chain as quickly and efficiently as possible by, as well as building new restaurants, purchasing houses and independent establishments on the roadside so that they could move out within a week and become Little Chefs. Judging by the building design here, a converted house, it looks as though Kentford was one of the cases.

In 1975, an increase in traffic in the area resulted in the A45 becoming bypassed by a new dual carriageway slightly to the north of the old road and as a result of this, the Little Chef and filling station were deprived of A45 traffic. The Little Chef closed around 1975, leaving just the filling station to soldier on alone. However, all was not lost as in order to keep Little Chef's presence in the area, Forte opened two new restaurants, by 1980, at a small dual sided service station on the new bypass. These restaurants were too occupied by filling stations. However, due to the closure of these filling stations in 1997, coupled with competition from the nearby Newmarket Little Chefs, which proved more popular due to it serving two roads: the A11 and A14, the dual sided Little Chefs at Kentford both closed by 2005 and to this day have since remained as abandoned eyesores on the side of the A14.

The A45 was later re-numbered the A14, following the opening of the A14-M1-A1 link to the west. Today, it serves as one of Britain's busiest roads, ferrying long distance traffic across the country to and from the Midlands. The old A45 where the original Kentford Little Chef once traded from was eventually re-numbered the B1506.

The original Little Chef at Kentford now trades as David Jarvis Cars. The filling station still trades on as Gulf

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