Johnstonebridge (North)
Name Johnstonebridge (North)
Number 253
Year Opened 1985/86
Year Closed 1994/95
Road A74
Location Johnstonebridge, Dumfries and Galloway
County Dumfries and Galloway
Postcode DG11 1ES

Johnstonebridge (North) was a former Little Chef on the A74 dual carriageway, located in the village of Johnstonebridge, Dumfries and Galloway.

Johnstonebridge (North) was on half of a purpose-built dual sided Little Chef site on the A74 in 1985/86 with Johnstonebridge (South) its opposite number. Both Little Chefs were housed in matching buildings in Little Chef's new building style of the era with single front and pitched roof. Both sides were housed alongside existing filling stations, which complimented the Little Chef and helped to attract a larger audience. 

Johnstonebridge was the third site to open on the A74 (Abington and Gretna the others), the second dual sider on the road and the third (and last) dual sider to be opened in Scotland. Johnstonebridge itself has the impression of a village which very much grew up around the A74 so it was quite fitting that Little Chef chose this location for a site.

In the 1980s, plans were unveiled to upgrade the whole of the A74 to motorway with the section passing Johnstonebridge opened in 1996. This new road ran to the east of the village, taking the traffic away from the front doors of the Little Chefs, although Johnstonebridge was afforded a junction on the new motorway so potentially good news. However, land had also been allocated for a new motorway service area at this junction, deemed necessary to better serve the motorway traffic so this spelled the end for the Little Chefs and their associated filling stations. Johnstonebridge North Little Chef closed in 1994/95 with its southbound relative following the same fate in 1995. In 1996 Annandale Water services were opened by Blue Boar and now does the job of the Little Chefs (now operated by Roadchef).

Johnstonebridge North Little Chef has since been demolished and houses built on the site.