Honiton little chef
Name Honiton
Number 133
Year Opened 1972-76
Year Closed 2017
Road A30
Location Monkton, Honiton
County Devon
Postcode EX14 9QQ
The Honiton branch was a Little Chef restaurant located on the A30 near Honiton, Devon.

The Little Chef first opened between 1972 and 1976. In this era Forte sent teams around the UK trying to buy up existing roadside cafes and inns in order to quickly grow Little Chef without the delays and the planning process required to build new sites from scratch. From the design of the building, a converted house or inn, it looks like Honiton was one of these cases.  

Inside, Honiton is a real mismatch of styles. The lightshades are 1980s as are the bare brick walls while the wood panelling is from the 70s. Certainly a site with a bit of charm.

In March 2017, Honiton was one of a few Little Chefs to close down. It now trades as a Starbucks