Broadlands Little Chef
Name Broadlands
Number 453
Year Opened 1989/90
Year Closed 2012
Road A47
Location Blofield
County Norfolk
Postcode NR13 5AR

The Broadlands branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A47 near Blofield, Norfolk. 

Address and Onsite InformationEdit


  • Acle (6 miles east on A47)
  • Norwich (10 miles west on A11/A47)

Address: A47, Blofield, Norfolk, NR13 5AR

Onsite Facilities: Shell, McDonald's


The site was first built in the late 80s by Little Chef's rival chain, Kelly's Kitchen. The site was a joint venture between a Brewing Company, who operated the restaurant, and Petrofina, an oil company who operated the forecourt. This was one of 18 Kelly's Kitchens/ Petrofina sites operating across the UK, with Crewe (A500), Seaton Burn (A1), Lincoln (A46) and Beacon Hill (A14) fellow survivers under the Little Chef brand. Kelly's Kitchen restaurants were very distinctive, housed inside a building with an overhanging roof, cottage styled windows and a large funnel-like chimney built into the site and the roof. 

In 1989/90, then owners Forte were looking to expand the Little Chef chain rapidly across Britain's road network. As Kelly's Kitchen only had 18 restaurants operating, Forte didn't see the need to expand the chain further. Instead, they converted all existing Kelly's Kitchen sites (including Broadlands) into Little Chefs, meaning that Little Chef was growing again and the mascot, Fat Charlie, made his jolly appearance on the totem at these sites! The Little Chef at Broadlands opened in 1989/90 alongside the existing Petrofina petrol station which was later converted into a Total garage. Instead of rebuilding the restaurant from scratch, the Little Chef was housed inside of the existing Kelly's Kitchen building, thus saving time and money.

Overall, the Little Chef at Broadlands did a good trade. The site was located just off a roundabout, meaning that all traffic could access the site very easily. Also, the restaurant was located right next to the villages of Blofield and Brundall, meaning that locals could also access the site easily too, thus providing the restaurant with a good and potentially an extra amount of custom. 

Sadly, it all came to an end in 2012 when then owners, RCapital, decided to close 67 Little Chefs which were deemed to be unsuccessful in terms of profit. Sadly Broadlands couldn't escape the list and it closed in January/February 2012 along with a handful of other sites that month. The other Little Chefs on the list closed later in the year. This was also the time when the Total garage on site was replaced with Shell

After the Little Chef closed, it was taken over by McDonald's and the restaurant building was modified heavily.

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