800px-Bangor Front
Name Bangor
Number 497
Year Opened 1994
Year Closed 2018
Road A55
Location Llandygai, Bangor
County Gwynedd
Postcode LL57 4BG
The Bangor branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located just off the A55 near Bangor, Gwynedd. 

Address and Onsite InformationEdit

ADDRESS: Bangor Services, Llandygai, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4BG

ONSITE FACILITIES: Esso, Spar (forecourt), Starbucks on the Go (forecourt), Subway (forecourt), Greggs (forecourt), Burger King, Sainsbury's On The Go, Travelodge (Book Room)


Bangor services was built by Top Rank, a motorway services operator, in the early 1990s. This was the era when motorway sevices operators were starting to broaden their offerings and saw major a-roads as a good potential market. The idea was to built, in effect, scaled down motorway services at busy A-road junctions, in this case with restaurant, shop, filling station and lodge.

In 1992, Top Rank's roadside portfolio was subject to a management buyout with the new company, Pavilion, taking over the service areas. In 1994, Pavilion decided to sell off two of its non motorway sites - Newark and Bangor - to concentrate on its other sites. Forte wasted no time in converting Bangor to a Little Chef site. The lodge became Forte Travelodge, the retail shop remained and the restaurant became a Little Chef. Due to the site being larger than the average Little Chef there was plenty of room for other complimentary brands with a Little Chef Coffee Stop opening too at the time of takeover. Once Granada got control of Little Chef they wasted no time in adding a Burger King to the offering. Other changes to the site over the years have seen the closure of the retail shop, the addition of Coffee Tempo! around 2006 under the owners People's Restaurant Company and the rebranding of this facility in 2012 to Little Chef Express under their owners R Capital. The Coffee Tempo!/Little Chef Express was located in the area where the former retail shop stood.

Following the takeover by Euro Garages in 2017, Bangor was one of a number sites converted to an EG Diner in January 2018. This is due to the expiration of Euro Garages' right to use the Little Chef brand name. These sites are likely to be re-branded as another brand at a later date.

In October 2018, all remaining EG Diners closed down including the branch at Bangor. However, the main building was later refurbished in 2019, with a Sainsbury's On The Go store opening alongside a newly refurbished Burger King, complete with a drive thru

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