Amesbury little chef
Name Amesbury
Number 408
Year Opened 1989/90
Year Closed 2018
Road A303
Location Amesbury, Salisbury
County Wiltshire
Postcode SP4 7AS
The Amesbury branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located at the junction of the A303 and A345 near the small town of Amesbury, Wiltshire.

Address and Onsite InformationEdit

ADDRESS: Countess Roundabout, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 7AS

ONSITE FACILITIES: Shell, Deli2Go (forecourt), Costa Express (forecourt), Burger King, Greggs, Subway, Sainsbury's On The Go, Travelodge (Book Room)


The Little Chef first opened in 1989/90 and was one of the many Little Chef sites to be built on the A303. The A303 is a road running from the M3 motorway in Hampshire to Honiton in Devon. It feeds many towns, intersects with many routes to the west and is often used by travellers escaping to Devon and Cornwall for a summer break. Thus, a Little Chef here would be sure to have plenty of passing trade and be able to attract a lot of long-distance traffic. Little Chef's owners Forte thought so too and, to maximise the restaurant's potential chose a location close to Salisbury, a large town in the area, to help encourage locals. The site chosen also had a filling station and Travelodge hotel and could be easily accessed by all traffic travelling on the A303 (and also the A345) so the Little Chef had all angles covered 

In the Granada era and along with many other Little Chef sites, Amesbury saw the addition of a Burger King outlet.

In 2002, Amesbury recieved the "New Choices" Makeover, giving it some smart new furniture and access to exciting menus from Harry Ramsdens, Upper Crust, Wiseguys Pizza and Caffe Ritazza. 

In 2006, the branch saw the addition of a Coffee Tempo! outlet

In 2011, Amesbury was one of the 10 sites to receive the "Wonderfully British" refurbishment. Wonderfully British was the follow-on, slightly tweaked version of the "Hestonised" site with slightly different interior finishes, new branding (Charlie lost his tray and instead had his arms open to welcome visitors) and Little Chef's new "grab and go" take-away option known as Good to Go. Unlike some other sites, Amesbury kept its Burger King as well which still trades alongside the main restaurant today.

Following the takeover by Euro Garages in 2017, Amesbury was one of a number sites converted to an EG Diner in January 2018. This is due to the expiration of Euro Garages' right to use the Little Chef brand name. However in June 2018, the EG Diner ceased trading and the Burger King closed for refurbishment. The Burger King has since reopened and a Greggs and Subway now trades in the former EG Diner space, alongside a Sainsbury's On The Go store.

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