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Adlington LC.jpg
Name Adlington
Number 343
Year Opened 1986/87
Year Closed 2012
Road A523
Location Adlington, Macclesfield
County Cheshire
Postcode SK10 4NG

The Adlington branch was a former Little Chef restaurant located on the A523 near Adlington, Cheshire.

Address and Onsite Information[]

ADDRESS: A523 London Road, Adlington, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 4NG

ONSITE FACILITIES: Starbucks, Travelodge (Book Room)


Opened in 1986/87, this was a new build site in Forte's house style of the era built in red brick with a low pitched roof. The Adlington branch was the second Little Chef restaurant out of two to have opened on the A523 with other branch, Leek, already operating in full swing by this point. Both restaurants were equally distributed along the A523, with Leek serving the southern section of the route and Adlington operating on the northern section. Adlington's close proximity to the Peak District and the city of Manchester also made it a perfectly feasible location for a Little Chef, coupled with holidaymakers and commuters who would regularly use this important route.

Around 1989, a Travelodge hotel was introduced to Adlington in order to cater for the weary traveller. This was not only useful for tired travellers but was also useful for the Little Chef as well, as hotel guests were likely to use the restaurant for breakfast and dinner, therefore providing complimentary custom.

Whilst most Little Chefs often have positive things to boast about, some unfortunately have their negative moments as well. In 2010, it was discovered by a family visiting the Adlington Little Chef for a 'treat' that a shard of metal and an insect leg were found in their breakfasts. This full story can be found on the Macclesfield Express website (Read Article Here). 

The site continued to trade well until 2012 when then owners R Capital decided to close 67 sites that it deemed to be underperforming with Adlington identified as one of these. The restaurant closed its doors in January 2012, leaving the Travelodge to soldier on alone. 

However, all was not lost as the restaurant later reopened as an Indian restaurant known as Double Tree. However, this ceased trading by 2017 and was later replaced with Starbucks.

Little Chef Remains[]

  • 'Welcome' and 'Safe Journey' printed on the tarmac on the entrance and exit to and from the car park